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About us

CPL was founded in Siatista Greece in 1953 and for more than 60 years remains one of Europe’s leading companies in the production of high-quality Fur and Shearling garments.

The company relocated its headquarters to Frankfurt Germany in 1963 but retained the original location of the Production and Logistics centre in Siatista Greece working closely with the skilled artisans in the local community.

The products are manufactured in-house, with annual production capacity exceeding 30,000 garments. CPL are specialists in the manufacture of Mink, Persian, Raccoon, Fox and Rex Rabbit garments as well as an extensive product range from various top quality Lamb skins like Spanish Merinos, New Zealand and Toskana Lamb.

Raw materials for the fur garments are predominantly sourced and purchased from European auction houses located in Scandinavia - SAGA FURS & KOPENHAGEN FUR - as well as from North America – NAFA & AMERICAN LEGEND. Ensuring that all skins correspond with the international protection guidelines of species and fulfil the highest quality criteria requirements.

CPL’s design team work closely in conjunction with the skilled in-house artisans, harnessing new and innovative technologies and techniques, to produce contemporary designs. These designs, combined with the quality of raw material and our 60 years of expertise and experience ensure the production of a first class premium quality product.